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Welcome to Caspia Research, a leading force in bespoke software and digital marketing, passionately dedicated to launching startups towards their first £2mn in revenue. Nestled near the vibrant vicinity of London-Luton Airport in the UK, we are your gateway to transforming innovative visions into prosperous realities. Established in 2011 by the Dr. W Khan, with a profound foundation in AI & Data Science (PhD awarded in 2014, UK), our ethos is to fuse technological innovation with strategic business growth.

At the core of Caspia Research, we thrive on navigating the complexities that small to large corporates face. Our custom-crafted solutions are not merely services; they are milestones in our clients’ success stories. With a keen focus on Machine Learning (ML) and data science, we excel in automating intricate processes and revealing elusive patterns in transactional data. This not only streamlines operations but also catalyses growth by identifying untapped opportunities.

Embark on a transformative journey with us. Caspia Research is more than a service provider; we are your partner in achieving extraordinary accomplishments. Armed with bespoke software solutions and cutting-edge digital marketing tactics, our team of experts is dedicated to propelling your business to unprecedented heights. Together, let’s set new benchmarks in your industry and turn your ambitions into achievements.

Caspia’s Director Profile

Dr Khan is an industry-focused researcher who blends artificial intelligence and academia to tackle real-world problems. He applies complex theories to create practical solutions. He champions open collaboration and learning, inspiring the next wave of researchers and practitioners.

Dr Khan’s ethos is defined by his relentless pursuit to expand knowledge and make it accessible through research, practice, and community engagement.

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